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Why Not Put The JOY Back in Getting Married?

Healthy, committed, joyful and lasting relationships require…

  • Individual and Shared Vision, Values; and Marriage Goals;  
  • Extreme Self-Awareness and Partner-Awareness;
  • Understanding the influences of Your family; My family and Our family;
  • Skills to Reduce Conflict; Repair Hurt Feelings; and Reestablish the Status Quo;
  • Recognizing Disappointment and Disillusionment;
  • Improving Listening and Communication Skills;
  • Setting, Maintaining and Honoring Boundaries;
  • Elegantly Crafting Agreements and Commitments; and the
  • Willingness and Ability to talk about Sex, Intimacy and Money.

And most of all, couples must always remember to enjoy each other.

Jill and Kevin’s recent wedding in St. Paul, MN is a powerful reminder for all of us that getting married is really a celebration of each other!

Remember, only YOU can make it happen!


6-Point Plan to Fanning Flames of Romance and Passion

There are many myths about sex and romance in long-term relationships.  There are also some universal truths and contemporary theories that should inform your personal attitudes and behaviors, and your responsibilities and obligations to your beloved and your relationship.

You have no doubt longed for that "early time" in your relationship to return.  So often I hear men and women say, "I want our love to be the way it was when we first met"; or "I want it to be the way it used to be"; or "I know it is possible, he was like that when we were first together."

I hear so many of you talk about the "spontaneity" that once was; the sudden inspiration or creativity that transformed dull days and nights into magical adventures.

Now hear this!  The early time in your relationship was not spontaneous at all—quite the contrary!!

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Sex, Love and Politics…Bad Bed Partners!

It keeps happening!

Congressmen, senators, governors, presidents, mayors—politicians at all levels continue to behave in reckless, shameless ways with impunity!  It’s as if they think they are entitled to behave this way, and wreak havoc on the lives of their wives, their children and their constituents.

What is going on here?

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The Death Of Michael Jackson Rocks the World

For better or worse, the death of Michael Jackson last week on June 25 has created an unprecedented global outpouring of mourning, tribute and celebration. 

Tomorrow is the funeral for the King of Pop.

The private service will be held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park for the family and special guests, before the public memorial.

Los Angeles city officials are preparing for massive crowds downtown during the public memorial.  Even though a wide area around Staples Center will be sealed off to those without tickets, City officials expect that 250,000 to 750,000 people will try to be in the area anyway.

17,500 tickets will be made available to fans to attend the service; 11,000 tickets will be issued to fans to be in the Staple’s Center and 6,500 seats will be available at the nearby Nokia Theater so that fans can watch a live simulcast.

Newspaper headlines all over the world read, “Fans Worldwide grieve for Michael Jackson”; “Millions of fans grieve Michael Jackson’s death.”

Online magazines write, “Grief-stricken Michael Jackson fans all over the globe are releasing their emotions through tears, vigils, and perhaps most appropriately, dancing.”

Four generations around the globe have vastly different memories of Michael Jackson, associations with Michael Jackson and reactions to his untimely death.

Whether you are an aging grandparent, a baby-boomer, or Gen X or Gen Y, you have at some time or another, been moved by Michael Jackson’s music or awed by his dancing, and his death is a loss event in your life.

So what is the loss, you ask?  We didn’t know him personally?

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