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Everlasting Harmony

From time to time I receive really uplifting or especially meaningful stories and videos from my Blog readers. The video in this week’s post is one of those videos.

Read this story before you click on the video:

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Unacceptable Dating Behavior is Always Unacceptable

The dating process is one of the most universally perplexing processes.  The art and act of dating confounds even the most resolute of people dating.  Dating requires that you be forthcoming, take some risks, become a good observer and listener, and trust and act on your observations and intuitions.

One essential reason to become a good observer is to be able to recognize unacceptable behavior and stop dating someone ASAP.  Dating is a process and part of the process is to be an active participant and to be proactive in your decision-making and choices.

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It’s Time to Stop Focusing on Other People

Rituals and celebrations are ways to intentionally create meaningful connections with special and important events and people.  Many of us already celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and various holidays including rituals we may not even recognize as such.

I invite you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and experiment with the idea of ritual by starting with a ritual blessing yourself!

Here is an example of a ritual celebrating YOU! Dr. Barbara Ardinger created this Self-Blessing ritual. You can find the complete version of this ritual in her book A Woman’s Book of Rituals & Celebrations.

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You’ve Got One Shot at Love

What if you have one shot at creating the best relationship ever…

The fact of the matter is that everyone would be much better off if we actually believed that we only had one shot to build the relationship of our dreams.

Too many smart, articulate and successful adults around the world go into relationships without deliberate intention, and with the belief that if it doesn’t work they can break up or get divorced.

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Dr Jackie Black Newsletter

Hello. I am Dr. Jackie Black, your Couples in Trouble Expert. Since 1999, I have guided many formerly frustrated and desperately unhappy Couples in Trouble to happiness, closeness and having more fun together than they ever imagined. My years of experience combined with your commitment to your personal growth will enable you to welcome the results you have always wanted and never believed were possible in your marriage.

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