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Agreements Made Easy: Crafting Effective, Successful Agreements

Couples join forces with one another by forming agreements.  Agreements are expressed in writing or verbally during very intentional conversations. 

Most of us have never learned how to craft effective, explicit agreements.  It is a skill we were never taught, even though it is fundamental to all relationships and a basic life skill.

This is a method I believe every committed couple should learn and use over and over again. It is also works beautifully with any two or more people who wish to make agreements that honor who they are and their relationship, and ensure that they end up in a *Win-Win* outcome.

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Agreements: The Road Map for Success

Effective Agreements

Life is an ongoing process of creating agreements with others.  An effective agreement means more than getting another person to do what you want.  It means buy-in and true commitment from both people.

Successful Agreements

Your overall effectiveness in making and honoring agreements is greatly increased if you pay attention to three important elements:

  1. Clarify your personal Values.
  2. Clarify your Vision as an individual.
  3. Clarify your Vision and Purpose as a Couple.

These three pieces will provide a strong foundation from which to commit to your agreements and achieve more consistent and satisfying results. 

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Valentine’s Day—It’s a Wake-up Call!

It’s Valentine’s Day again!  Let Valentine’s Day this year be the bell of awareness ringing in your ear, reminding you to carve out the time to connect with the one who stole your heart.  Retailers and Madison Avenue would like us to all rush out and buy chocolate; flowers, mushy cards and teddy bears.  But consider this instead:

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Valentine’s Day Balance Sheet

Relationships are like bank accounts.  If you keep pulling money out without making deposits you will go bankrupt.  What does the balance sheet of your love life look like?

You know, relationships are living breathing entities.  Our investment of deliberate intention, and focused time, energy and attention is the order of the day.  Your relationship can’t wait until it is convenient for you; or until you have finished everything on your to-do list; or until you are at leisure.

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