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It’s Not Okay to be Rude on the Net

Internet dating is becoming more and more popular among singles of all ages throughout the world.

There is a disturbing attitude among some Internet daters that courtesy, integrity and honor don’t apply on “the net.” I want to weigh in on this offensive attitude.

Integrity is not a choice. We don’t employ integrity and courtesy if and when they are convenient or we happen to remember. Integrity lives inside us and is part of every action, reaction, interaction, choice and decision. We treat everyone with whom we interact with courtesy because we hold a value for treating others with basic kindness and respect and our value drives our behavior. We must not throw caution to the wind when it comes to honoring our values and our behavior.

Here are some thoughts about common sense, courteous behaviors otherwise known as etiquette:

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Africa Reinvented

It is often said that music is the universal
language; and some say, the universal language of love. I decided that this
week I would post an amazing video that one of my Blog readers sent to me.

Remember the rock band Toto? Remember their biggest
hit ever—Africa—in 1982? The song is instantly recognizable in countries all
over the world. And it has been reinvented!

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Does More Time Really Equal More Fun?

Most of us have a lifetime of responding to the signals of others without regard for who we are or what we need or want.  The "art of being" is the order of the day; the art of knowing and accepting yourself, living in passion and joy; embracing and valuing fun and leisure.

Every day we are bombarded by erroneous and damaging messages in the culture that tell us that personal happiness, having fun, and self interest are bad and wrong, evil in some way, and not worthy or valuable pursuits.

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Does Too Much Sex Drive You Apart?

Ask Dr. Jackie:

My wife and I have been married for 6 years. In the beginning, we would have sex once a day, and now we have sex about 3 or 4 times a week. While I am happy with this situation, my wife is constantly coming on to me, begging me to sleep with her all the time. I feel like I just can’t keep up. I’m stressed about work and the bills, and all she wants is sex. I love her, and the sex is great; but there’s more to life than just sex.

Are we doomed to have a life of sexual difference? Is there some kind of median we can reach here? I don’t want her to cheat on me, but I just can’t give her sex every single day anymore. Please help.

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The Business of Healthy Business Relationships

I often focus on primary love relationships and family relationships, but this time I am going to take a sharp left turn and talk about business relationships.

This isn’t really such a sharp departure; if you think about it. And here’s why: Relationships drive everything in life.

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