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Simply Set a Boundary and Move On

Ask Dr. Jackie:

Can you please help me with my situation? I started talking to a guy over the phone from an online dating site. We both are from India and he is settled abroad. We are interested in each other. He is consistently calling me for over two months and never indicates when exactly he would meet me as it is not so sure he would visit our country in the next six months. The point is I am exhausted talking with him daily without knowing how long to wait before we meet. I cannot simply keep talking for over six months before we meet–can you please help?

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Celebrating the Imperfections of Those We Love the Most!

Sometimes we are so busy comparing our loved ones against some arbitrary set of expectations we have from who knows where (and our loved ones always come up short!); or complaining about the imperfections of the people we care the most about, that we completely miss the endearing qualities that make them who they are and make them so special to us! Those are the things that we will miss when they are no longer here with us.

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What Do You Mean You Need Space?

Has anyone ever told you she or he needed “some space"?

All too often men and women are threatened by their partners needing or wanting “space”—an opportunity to enjoy solitude.

They somehow feel that if their partners really loved them they wouldn’t want to be apart from them. Or they take it personally and project that they have done or said something that has offended their partner and she or he now wants to get away.

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Does Fantasizing Betray Marriage Trust?

Ask Dr. Jackie:

I am happily married with 2 children—or so I thought. Recently, an old flame found me on Facebook and we have been reminiscing about the old days when we were lovers. He is also married with a child, and although we both know that we will never be together—I will not break up my home to be with him—I can’t help but always think of him and fantasize about him. I feel like I can’t control my impulses and want him so badly. Should I confess this to my husband and roll with the punches or should I keep this little secret to myself?


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Dr Jackie Black Newsletter

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