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The Secret to Creating Your Divine Right Love-Relationship

A Special 3-Part TeleClass Series that WILL Get You Back on-Track After the End of a Relationship and Ready to Find True Love…For Real!

This 3-Part TeleClass Series will answer your most important question:

How can I recover from a break-up or a divorce, get back out there and create my Divine Right Love-Relationship once and for all?

  • Are you still reeling from a recent break-up?
  • Are you divorced and uncertain about what’s next?
  • Are you having trouble moving on after this loss?
  • Do you know that this loss-event is BIG and deserves your focus and attention?
  • Do you know how to get ready to find your true love?

If you answered YES to any of these questions ~ then you’re READY for this 3-Part Relationship Building TeleClass Series!

You can recover from a break-up or a divorce and create your Divine Right Love-Relationship once and for all!

Come join Jackie Black, Ph.D. and Rachel Moheban, LCSW for a 3-part TeleClass Series on November 8, November 15, and November 22. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Understanding and Resolving Conflict

Conflict is inevitable and a normal part of life.  Healthy conflict can lead to positive changes in personal relationships.  Negative conflict can be very destructive and can sap energy from everyone around.

Causes of Conflict

Searching for the causes can be helpful in resolving the conflict. Here are some common causes to be aware of:

  • Misunderstandings
  • Personality clashes
  • Differences in values or goals
  • Unclear responsibilities
  • Needs or wants are not being met
  • Values are being challenged
  • Boundaries are being violated
  • Perceptions are being questioned
  • Assumptions are being made
  • Perceived lack of resources
  • Dissatisfaction or disappointment
  • Change of any kind
  • Awareness or knowledge is minimal
  • Expectations are too high/too low

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Grieving Well

Grief is the reaction to a loss event.

Grieving is the normal, natural, and necessary process that restores us to wholeness.

Grieving is a wholly feeling experience. Our thinking part of Self does not grieve!

There are five normal, natural, and necessary feeling states of grieving are anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, and guilt. These feelings are felt in waves and pangs, at different intensities and at different times; sometimes one feeling at a time or in various combinations or all at the same time.

People who are grieving often sleep too much or not enough, or eat too much or not enough. They become forgetful, loose things, get lost, and can become generally disoriented or overwhelmed. Don’t be alarmed by any of these responses. They are all very normal and natural. Grieving is a time in your life when your motivation and concentration may be diminished, your memory might not be as sharp as it once was and will be again, and inspiration, creativity, and intuition may be less than usual. This is to be expected and is nothing to become worried about.

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Understanding the Process of Grieving


Grief is the reaction to a loss event. What do I mean by loss event? Well, loss isn’t only death of a loved one.  Loss events include:


Family Loss Events:

·     Death of a Loved One

·     Miscarriage

·     Infertility

·     Children with Special Needs

·     Aging Parents/Grandparents

·     Adoption

·     Blended/Step-families


Relationship Loss Events:

·     Divorce

·     Break-up

·     Separation


Personal Loss Events:

·     Moving

·     Immigration

·     Loss of Hopes and Dreams

·     Loss of Safety and Security (emotional, physical, financial)

·     Death of a Pet


Health Loss Events:

·     Life-threatening or Chronic Illness (yourself and loved ones)

·     Injury (yourself and loved ones)


Career Loss Events:

·     Fired from Job

·     Career Change

·     Retirement

·     Losses From Natural and Other Disasters

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Love Relationships: 5 Easy Steps to Forever

What do you mean when you refer to a “relationship”?  Do you know the differences between a dating relationship, a pre-committed relationship and a committed relationship?

The difference has to do with the nature and structure of the relationship.

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