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Why Argue? Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

A minor disagreement can get out of hand very quickly or a simple conversation can suddenly turn into a shouting match.


Because your fear of being abandoned, or disappointing your partner makes itself the primary consideration in the conversation.

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The Road Back From Divorce

For many men and women in a wide variety of situations, divorce is a legitimate and appropriate choice. The latest available statistics reveal that the divorce rate in the U.S. is upward of 50%; in the U.K. rising past 50%; and in Western Europe it is significantly lower. The divorce rate in Australia and New Zealand will approach the 50% mark by 2015; and reliable statistics in Asia reflect a divorce rate of under 20%.

Getting divorced is a process and consists of 3 main elements:

  1. Emotional

  • Financial
  • Legal
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    The Joys and Dreads of Giving and Receiving Gifts

    What do you think about giving and receiving gifts? Are you an enthusiastic, appreciative receiver or does getting a gift make you feel uncomfortable?  Are you a spirited gift giver picking up small (or large) tokens of your esteem and affection wherever you go for the people you care about?

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    Old Rules Don’t Work Anymore!

    We have powerful desires to belong and to connect with a special someone.

    In the U.S. we inherited a model for marriage and relationships that has remained largely unchanged for over 50 years.  That traditional model was never intended to integrate our individual needs with the needs of the partnership.  The traditional way promised physical and financial security, a sense of belonging, continuity and comfort.  The old model has been deeply ingrained in all of us by watching our parents and grandparents.

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    Effective Contact Etiquette

    Have you ever met someone and wanted to see him again?  Or talk to her again?  When you first meet someone and are interested in connecting with her again, how and where do you try to contact her?  How and where would you like him to contact you?

    Contact information etiquette is essential if you date once in a while or are actively dating to find your ideal mate.

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    Dr Jackie Black Newsletter

    Hello. I am Dr. Jackie Black, your Couples in Trouble Expert. Since 1999, I have guided many formerly frustrated and desperately unhappy Couples in Trouble to happiness, closeness and having more fun together than they ever imagined. My years of experience combined with your commitment to your personal growth will enable you to welcome the results you have always wanted and never believed were possible in your marriage.

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