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Plan a Date—Go Places and Do Things You Enjoy

When you plan a date, plan to participate in interests and activities that you enjoy.  Invite someone into your life.  Be willing to let the people you date experience you, in the places in which you are the most comfortable doing the things that you most love to do.

Dates are a time to create opportunities to do the things you most enjoy.  On dates, listen carefully to your inner voice(s) and to the person you are with.  Experience the other person and who he or she is in their heart and soul.

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Live Teleseminar: “Money is the #1 Reason Couples Divorce”

Clear your calendar and join me for a live, one-hour Conscious Relationship Institute Teleseminar:  “Money Is The # 1 Reason Couples Divorce”

Don’t let money rule your relationship or marriage!

DATE:  Thursday, July 21

TIME:  5:00 pm pacific/8:00 pm eastern, for 1 hour

COST:  No Charge

TO JOIN:  Telephone, Webcast, and Replay Access-

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Introducing Guest Blogger, Bob A. Prentiss

It is a real pleasure to introduce Bob A. Prentiss, JD, MS, DTM, as Ask Dr. Jackie’s first guest blogger. I hope you enjoy his thoughts on achieving a healthy relationship through self-motivation and turning dreams into reality. Bob is committed to ongoing professional and personal development; and he shows you how to motivate yourself in easy to understand, easy to implement steps.

In his own words:  I am a lawyer, and an author and trainer. I got my bachelors from UC Berkeley, my JD from University of San Francisco, and my Masters of Education (Instructional Design) from Florida State University. In my workshops I teach self-motivation, and I also teach public speaking.

My book, iMotivateMe: Take Control of Your Motivation to Reach Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams, will be available for sale this Fall.  Meanwhile you can learn the easy to learn skill of motivating yourself with the Model for Self-Motivation, by visiting my web site, where you can read my Blog and sign up for a free monthly self-motivation newsletter.


Getting Motivated to Achieve
That Healthy Relationship

Motivation is what gets us moving. We can have a strong desire for something, like a healthy relationship, but without motivation, a strong desire is nothing more than a dream. A strong desire is certainly necessary if we want to build that healthy relationship; but, by itself, it is not enough.

So if you find that you truly want a healthy relationship, but you aren’t consistently taking the steps you know you need to take to make it happen, you need to find what else you can do to increase your motivation, so you will take those steps.

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Living Single is Not a Condition to Improve

Many of us find ourselves un-partnered at various times in our lives.  How do you experience being single and uninvolved?

Do you worry that you are unloved, or will never find that special someone to love?

Did you feel relief at the end of a marriage or relationship that was contentious or disappointing, one fraught with conflict and dissension?

Each one of us has our own unique experience of being single and living alone.  For some men and women, being single is a message that he or she is not good enough, or is flawed in some serious way.  People tell me that being single is the evidence that there is something wrong with them.

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Living Well with Chronic Illness

Living with chronic illness impacts one’s physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Living with chronic illness often causes one to feel helpless and hopeless, discouraged and isolated.  It can devastate one’s career and financial security, friendships and love relationships, creativity, concentration, motivation, and one’s very peace of mind.

It is important now and useful long-term, to remain as active, social, and productive as possible.  That means focus on what you can do and let go of what you can no longer do.  Create priorities for your body, mind, heart, and soul.

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Dr Jackie Black Newsletter

Hello. I am Dr. Jackie Black, your Couples in Trouble Expert. Since 1999, I have guided many formerly frustrated and desperately unhappy Couples in Trouble to happiness, closeness and having more fun together than they ever imagined. My years of experience combined with your commitment to your personal growth will enable you to welcome the results you have always wanted and never believed were possible in your marriage.

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