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The Joys and Dreads of Giving and Receiving Gifts

What do you think about giving and receiving gifts? Are you an enthusiastic, appreciative receiver or does getting a gift make you feel uncomfortable?  Are you a spirited gift giver picking up small (or large) tokens of your esteem and affection wherever you go for the people you care about?

In a small survey I conducted, here’s what I discovered:

Tell the Stories of Your Life

Did you know that most of us are naturally predisposed to hear, remember, and tell stories?

And our stories have themes:  family history, births, deaths, education, food and recipes, grandparents, journeys, romance, military (war) stories and many more.

So where does one begin to tell one’s stories or start writing them down?

How does one start to review a long and often multi-faceted life?  What things are important to include?  What events and experiences can be omitted?

The first step…

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6-Point Plan to Fanning Flames of Romance and Passion

There are many myths about sex and romance in long-term relationships.  There are also some universal truths and contemporary theories that should inform your personal attitudes and behaviors, and your responsibilities and obligations to your beloved and your relationship.

You have no doubt longed for that “early time” in your relationship to return.  So often I hear men and women say, “I want our love to be the way it was when we first met”; or “I want it to be the way it used to be”; or “I know it is possible, he was like that when we were first together.”

I hear so many of you talk about the “spontaneity” that once was; the sudden inspiration or creativity that transformed dull days and nights into magical adventures.

Now hear this!  The early time in your relationship was not spontaneous at all—quite the contrary!!

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Tolerating Bad Behavior is Death to Your Relationship

Recently I received this email:

“My boyfriend and I have dated for 9 months.  I am annoyed by the fact that he drinks more than I am used to. He occasionally stays out when he says that he is going to come home.  When I bring this up, he blows me off or it becomes an argument.  I really do love him, but I am not used to partying as much as he does.

Dr. Jackie, can a good girl and a party boy really make it together?”


Focusing on the partying behavior is only a distraction.

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