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Relationships Based on F-E-A-R Never Feel Good and Always End Badly!

Resist creating relationships because it is safe and you are afraid. Acting from fear can never result in the rich, comfortable relationship that is your heart’s desire.

Avoid making decisions about love relationships based on fear, disillusionment, or a belief that you have to settle. Resist acting on the fear that you aren’t going to find anyone who will cherish you and accept your faults.

Recognize that you can co-create a life-long partnership that will honor, encourage, and nurture your best self.

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When Do You Discuss Credit Card Debt?

I have been asked when is the right time, or when are you obligated, to tell a new boyfriend/girlfriend that you are carrying lots of credit card debt?

Your financial affairs are none of anyone’s business unless and until you become certain that this boyfriend or girlfriend is a person with whom you are seriously contemplating becoming a committed couple.

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Office Romances ~ Now What Do We Do?

Last week, I shared some very basic advice surrounding the office romance and how to approach the first level of personal intimacy.  Now you find yourself at the threshold of taking that next step—what should you do now?

What advice do you have for couples whose relationship starts out at work?

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Office Romances ~ Is There a Future?

I’ve been asked about office romances—dating someone you work with. Here is my advice and some basic “do’s” and “don’ts.”

Unfortunately too many office romances end in disaster!  The primary reason is that neither men or women are good at setting, maintaining and honoring boundaries; and messy entanglements result; especially if one of the people decides the other is not a good match and wants to, or tries to, end the dating relationship.

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