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The Dating Game

I received an email from a fellow who asked about the “game of dating.” He had just gone on a “successful” date (he likes her and he believes she likes him) and he wanted to know what I thought about being “unavailable”; not calling his date too soon after the date or waiting for her to call him.

I don’t believe in playing games with anyone for any reason. I encourage men and women to have courage and tell the truth about how they feel, what they think, and what they need/want, like/dislike, in a responsible and respectful way. Folks, dating is a process that requires personal integrity! When you engage anyone in a conversation or interaction it is incumbent upon you to speak and act honestly and respectfully.

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19 Steps Toward a More Meaningful Life

I am always grateful to be reminded of what is truly important. I hope this is a welcome reminder for you too.

  1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve risk.
  1. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.
  1. Follow the 3 R’s:
    –Respect for Self
    –Respect for others
    –Responsibility for all your actions
  1. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
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Does More Time Really Equal More Fun?

Most of us have a lifetime of responding to the signals of others without regard for who we are or what we need or want.  The “art of being” is the order of the day; the art of knowing and accepting yourself, living in passion and joy; embracing and valuing fun and leisure.

Every day we are bombarded by erroneous and damaging messages in the culture that tell us that personal happiness, having fun, and self interest are bad and wrong, evil in some way, and not worthy or valuable pursuits.

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Dating—A Time to Explore

Ask Dr. Jackie:
My boyfriend and I have been going out for two months.  I am getting nervous that something is wrong.  He hasn’t been himself lately; and he doesn’t call or text me as much as he did before.  I asked him about this and he said everything is ok.  I don’t want to be an overbearing girlfriend.  What should I do?

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Dr Jackie Black Newsletter

Hello. I am Dr. Jackie Black, your Couples in Trouble Expert. Since 1999, I have guided many formerly frustrated and desperately unhappy Couples in Trouble to happiness, closeness and having more fun together than they ever imagined. My years of experience combined with your commitment to your personal growth will enable you to welcome the results you have always wanted and never believed were possible in your marriage.

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