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Couples and Money


I am very pleased to be able to give you the entire Chapter 1 of Couples & Money: Cracking the code to ending the #1 conflict in marriage with my compliments!

I hope that reading Chapter 1 is the beginning of you and your partner ending your conflicts with money and each other forever.

All the best,

Dr. Jackie


Finally a “how-to” for couples to end the #1 conflict
in marriage and transform money issues forever!


Do you know that your relationship with money impacts everything about you–especially your marriage?

Do you understand that managing your money with your partner and building wealth are basic fundamental requirements of a healthy, committed couple?

This book will help you recognize how you think about and handle money, where you are, how you got here, where you want to go and how to get there! Remember that you did not get here all by yourself. By the time you finish the last page of the book, you will be able to successfully and completely change your personal relationship with money; and forever transform the money issues and conflicts in your marriage!

Couples & Money: Cracking the code to ending the #1 conflict in marriage highlights important questions to ask yourself that motivates you to examine what your values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are as they relate to money. Real life stories depict couples in financial crisis and how they learned to use practical tools and skills to gain financial ownership of their lives. Worksheets completed individually and as a couple, will stimulate you to identify and strengthen the relationship weaknesses that limit and overwhelm you, and significantly contribute to conflicts about money.

You’ll learn about your own money psychology; recognize how your past has deeply affected, and continues to influence your financial present and future; identify your false beliefs, assumptions and myths about money so you can change the ideas that keep you stuck; and then create beliefs and learn, practice and master the tools that will support you to become financially fit!


Are You Ready to End Money
Conflicts in Your Marriage Forever?

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  • Your growth as a person and as a couple will be accelerated by the support and alliances between like-minded individuals.

Here’s your opportunity to get expert advice on exactly how to end money conflicts in your marriage and transform your relationship with money and each other forever!

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Or Perhaps You and Your Partner Prefer
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Contemporary couples are often dissatisfied with their partners and their relationships for lots of (legitimate) reasons!

Do you have just one good reason to…

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Couples and Money by Dr. Jackie Black presents practical solutions for resolving money conflicts faced by those in relationship. Dr. Jackie’s suggestion to view finances as a family business coupled with techniques for communicating effectively about money make this book a valuable resource.” 

Joan Sotkin
Author of Build Your Money Muscles

Couples and Money is probably the best book on the topic of how money can either make or break a marriage or life partnership that I have ever read. I realized about half-way through the book that my husband and I ‘talk around’ and argue about money at least 5 times a week (if not daily) and that other smaller arguments about raising children, taking vacations or dining out are rooted in the topic of money. We have always worked hard, saved money, invested well and as a result, we have very little debt, but these tiny arguments are just not necessary…they are all about ‘what if this happens,’ and they are grounded in things that simply are not true. As a result of reading Couples and Money, my husband and I had our first strategic discussion about our finances, and we were both laughing about how our beliefs go way back to how our fathers both handled money (which Dr. Jackie addresses in the book). We had a huge breakthrough simply talking about this one issue, and we have made the decision that it is time to downsize our home and start using weekly ‘cash only’ allowances. I feel so relieved that we have a plan! This book is a must read for all married couples and for any couples who are dating and considering marriage. Just go ahead and pick up 3 copies and give them to your family members as a gift…they will thank you forever!”

Bea Fields
Author of Millennial Leaders and EDGE! A Leadership Story

“Smart Book! It’s one of those books that after you read it once you can pick it up anytime and use it as a reference for great money tips. The thought provoking questions will create a better money relationship between you and your partner. You can’t lose with this one!”

Kary Shafer,
Owner, Money Awareness


Couples and Money is the perfect guide to help you reconcile romance and finance. If you care about your relationship, Dr. Jackie’s book is an essential addition to your home library!


Dr. Jackie has created an intimate look at the relationship we have with money and how finances affect our relationships with a spouse. There is nobody better suited for this work than Dr. Jackie Black and Couples and Money is a powerful reflection of her warmth, expertise and sensitive but rational approach to love and money.

Dr. Jackie helps the reader develop a synergy between romance and finance that will help keep your relationship solid. She lays out a clear and understandable plan reinforced with accessible stories and examples from her work as one of the world’s leading relationship experts. She includes a series of clear exercises that transform the odious discussion of money to an enjoyable and productive activity for you and your partner!

You may want to change old habits, or you may be just starting out as a couple. Dr. Jackie’s book may save your relationship or help you create a long, successful and happy life with the person you love!”
Jim Bouchard
Speaker, Black Belt Mindset Master &
Author of Think Like a Black Belt

“This book provides easy-to-understand guidelines and fundamentals on how to successfully blend both love and money. Dr. Jackie provides solid, straightforward insight on everything from understanding the psychology of money to effectively communicating about an extremely stressful and volatile topic with your partner in a way that creates more calm and ease. This is a book that you can reference time and again as different financial/relationship issues arise in your life to support you in getting back on track!”
Leslie Cunningham,
Financial Dating® Expert and Money Coach



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