Dr. Jackie Named “Beloved COSMO International Love Guru”

“COSMO’s Beloved International Love Gurus all agree that sex, respect and commitment are all integral parts of a healthy relationship.”

Dr. Jackie’s Thoughts on Commitment:

The nature and structure of a committed, loving relationship is related to the agreements and commitments each partner makes to the relationship, not to each other. Agreements and commitments are actually behaviours driven by values that serve to support the structure.

There are five essential parts to the structure of a committed, long-term, monogamous relationship: Tell your personal truth, act with good will and good intentions, honour and respect your partner’s feelings as if they were your own, be responsible to co-create the relationship that matches your vision, values and life purpose and live your passion, bringing yourself from “you” to “us.”

Ask yourself what agreements and commitments provide the structure for your relationship? Are you and your partner both clear about what you have agreed and committed to? All the agreements and commitments must be bi-lateral, which means you and your boyfriend must both make those agreements and commitments together. Honour them no matter what. It is a breach of trust when you don’t keep your agreements and commitments. Be sure you are able to honour them before you agree and commit.

Remember, only you can make it happen!

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