Internet Dating has become a popular, legitimate and preferred way to date. Men and women across the globe are talking about–and are interested in–Internet Dating.

Your success depends on you becoming conscious, forthcoming about your needs and requirements, and developing excellent listening skills.

Here are my Top 10 Tips For Success when you date on the Net.

  1. Give serious thought to who you are, who you are interested in meeting and how you might describe yourself and your ideal match.
  1. Focus on writing a great profile that does two things: gets you “found” and gets responses from people who zero in on your ideal match.
  1. Post a current photograph. Ask yourself, “How do I want to present myself?” “How do I want people to see me?” “What do I want them to know when they read about me?” And please make sure you post your photo–not someone else’s!!
  1. Resist embellishing and exaggerating. Integrity is not a choice. Integrity lives inside us and is part of every action, reaction, interaction, choice and decision.
  1. Be timely. Answer the responses and initial inquiries within three to four days. It is considered good etiquette to answer all emails since people have taken the time and effort to communicate with you.
  1. Think about each email as an opportunity to get to know another new person. Be curious and interested.
  1. Move to the phone after two to five emails. The faster you move from email to the telephone, the faster you will be able to pay attention to little clues that may alert you to a potential “plus” or a potential problem.
  1. Gradually collect information to assess and determine if you want to meet this person face-to-face.
  1. Watch for red flags. Most people are on their best behavior when you first meet. Stay observant and don’t make any excuses for any bad or questionable behavior.
  1. Ensure your safety first above all else! Being safe and staying safe is your responsibility. Only you can make you feel safe.

Remember, only YOU can make it happen!


Original Content by Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC ~
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