Your life will not be “better” if you are in a relationship.  We take ourselves with us wherever we go…especially into love relationships.

A successful, committed relationship depends upon being ready:

  1. Physically
  2. Emotionally
  3. Financially
  4. Legally
  5. Spiritually

…for the life and relationship that you want.  Get your personal work done first!

Are you ready *Physically*?

  • Are you actively engaged in a physical fitness program?
  • Are you committed to eating health-promoting foods?
  • Do you do your best most of the time to avoid overeating, or eating too much sugar and fat?
  • Do you take care of your gums and teeth and make sure your breath is sweet?
  • Is your personal hygiene the very best it can be?  If not, are you making the necessary changes?

Are you ready *Emotionally*?

  • Are you over your past relationships? That is, have you resolved any hurt and or anger that is a normal part of breaking up.
  • Are you actively engaged in a personal growth process facilitated by a professional to heal childhood pain that may interfere with an intimate adult relationship?
  • If you have trouble with anger, holding grudges, shutting down emotionally or “leaving the scene” are you taking the time to learn and practice more resourceful behaviors?

Are you ready *Financially*?

  • Are you actively and with intention resolving any credit card debit you may have accumulated?
  • If you are paying child support and or spousal support, have you integrated these expenses into your budget?
  • Have you clarified your financial goals for the next 12 months?  Five years? 10 years?  Over 10 years?  For retirement?

Are you ready *Legally*?

  • Are you actively and with intention resolving any legal situations that may exist?
  • If you are divorced, is your custody, spousal support and child support resolved?
  • Are you being honest and honorable in all your personal and business dealings to insure – to the best of your ability – that you will not become involved in any unpleasant legal matters again?

Are you ready *Spiritually*?

  • Are you a religious person?  A spiritual person?  Agnostic or Atheist?
  • Is becoming involved with a person of the same faith important to you?  To your family?
  • Is raising your children (existing or future) in a particular faith important to you?  To your family?
  • Have you actively and with intention thought about theses issues?  Have you come to any conclusions?  Do you have any preferences?

Be sure you…

  • Spend enough time clarifying your personal Vision, Requirements, Needs and Wants.
  • Spend all the time it takes to answer the questions: Who am I? What do I want? How do I get what I want?
  • Focus on developing and practicing dating and inter-personal relationship skills.
  • Be as ready as you can be to meet your ideal mate and create the life and the love life that affirms and esteems your best self!

Let’s see how “ready” you are; or if you need some help getting there.  You are invited to visit where you will be able to complete three different free Readiness Assessment quizzes!

Remember, only YOU can make it happen!

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