Good communication is telling your personal truth about YOU to others, and being congruent within yourself.

Being congruent within yourself means:

  • Valuing yourself;
  • Taking ownership of your thoughts and feelings; and your resources and choices;
  • Honoring and expressing your deepest knowing about yourself;
  • And being sure that what you say and how you say it match what you are feeling.

Fully understanding the concept of being congruent is essential to all of us in our commitment to being our best and doing our best! I am very pleased to take this opportunity to deepen the meaning of being congruent for all of us.

Being congruent really means…

Your thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs must all MATCH each other.

If any one of those doesn’t match ALL the others, then some part of you isn’t congruent; doesn’t fit with the rest of you. If
one of those essential parts of ourselves doesn’t match, it usually
means we are operating from fear or from an erroneous belief about

Common erroneous beliefs:

  • There must be something wrong with me;
  • I am not enough;
  • I am not loveable;
  • If I was better, different or more everything would be okay!

I invite you to become a good observer of your thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs throughout the rest of the month. Begin to notice when one of those doesn’t match the others.

Are you noticing a pattern? That is, are you noticing that your feelings might not match your thoughts? Or your actions might not match your beliefs?

Be very gentle with yourself as you begin to explore this whole idea of being congruent. Very few people in the world take the time to focus on self-exploration and increasing their emotional intelligence.

Congratulate yourself on taking this leap! It can be challenging work. Trust the process and know that you are worth it!

Remember, only You can make it happen!

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