We all have a need for a certain amount of stability in our lives.  You’ll find that you have four cornerstones that are the foundation on which your life is grounded.  These are:

  1. Your needs and values—the external and internal structures of your life
  2. Your vision—what you want your life to be
  3. Your life purpose—your reason for being
  4. Your mission—the daily choices and behaviors that put into action living on purpose with vision driven by needs and values

These form the basis of your Inner life.  Right now, you may not be clear on what some of these are; but they are all there in your subconscious, and help you to make decisions that are right for you.

In my worldview, it is essential to work on these four, so you can be certain you are engaging in your life and your love life with integrity and accurate information and with full awareness about yourself.

Let me explain.  You create your life and your love life through your beliefs, intentions and the actions you take in the world.  Every one of us has an Inner Guidance System that drives us and guides us in making choices, whether we are aware of it or not.

Your Inner Guidance System is a combination of these four related, but separate, parts.  A love relationship is most fulfilling and satisfying when it is in alignment with your needs/values, vision, life purpose and mission.

If you live from your very being, you will live a life in alignment with your needs/values, vision and life purpose.  When you live from your very being, you can genuinely love and be loved by another; you can know a love that grows out of choice.  Real love with your partner will allow you to experience being loved by someone who chooses to love you, who sees in you something worth loving.

What so many people forget is that lasting happiness, peace of mind, deep and joyful love, abundance, and physical and emotional health are created primarily through who you are b-e-i-n-g rather than what you are doing or having.

It is who you are being that matters most!  We are human beings first and foremost, after all.  To be, then to do and have is part of our very essence; to be our best, to be all that we desire to be!

Remember, only YOU can make it Happen!


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