I like to think of Breaking Out as Breaking Through!

Breaking out means creating breakthroughs!

Breakthroughs are the result of focused thinking, deliberate intention, and taking action.

Before we break out of the limits and structures that don’t match our best and most brilliant and passionate Self, we have to understand what the alternatives are and how to achieve them.

Let’s examine the “how-to” so you can break out of limiting thinking and limiting beliefs; turn your thoughts into action; and generate your break through!

There are Four Basic Principles:

  1. Thought Precedes Feeling.
  2. You Can Change Your Thoughts.
  3. Values Drive Behavior.
  4. Whatever shows up in your life is exactly what you are inviting in.

THOUGHT is the lightest, quickest form of energy. Any changes in your thoughts cause a whole series of other changes; and those other changes have the power to affect many dynamics and energies inside you and outside you.

You are always in charge:

  1. You can change your mood.
  2. You can change your thoughts.
  3. You can achieve a particular desired outcome.
  4. You can change your life!

Thoughts alone are not enough to make things happen. You need something else to turn your thoughts into actions; and that something else is energy.

Energy is needed to propel a thought into action; and that energy comes from deep inside you. That energy is actually your feelings and emotions. How can a feeling or an emotion be energy? Think for a minute about what makes you act. What inspires you to do something?

You are inspired by a ‘thought’; and that thought is laden with emotion. You will do something because it gives you pleasure, it makes you feel happy, or you are curious to see what will happen. Conversely, you will put off doing something (take an action) if it makes you feel bad.

Your feelings and emotions put life into your thoughts and as a result, you act.

Turning your thoughts into action requires your willingness and ability to honor yourself; believe in yourself and become willing to have a voice and take a stand.

Believe you can and you will!

If you believe that you can do something, then the chances are that you can do it.  If you do not believe that you can, then you most certainly will not.

Self-belief is the cornerstone and the foundation of successful action; of breaking out and creating a break through!

Your belief in yourself + Your knowing that you have the right to BE, DO and HAVE that which affirms and esteems your best Self = Your able-ness and willingness to turn your thoughts into actions.

This is not always as easy as it sounds. Belief and, perhaps more importantly, self-belief, resides in our hearts and minds. At its core, self-belief is a truth about ourselves in which we must have faith.

It is a wonderful feeling when our belief shows us that we were right to have faith in ourselves, and we choose and are able to act on our own behalf.

Remember, only YOU can make it happen!

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