I am excited to tell you that my colleagues Bob Tomes and Jane Warren are providing short how-to videos from experts, just like me, who help couples Reignite the Intimacy, Passion and Play.

Bob and Jane’s program is 24 Shades of Red All Year Long. These videos will be available every month for the rest of 2014, and they are Free.

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My 10-minute video, Repairing Hurt Feelings: What you Need and How To Do It,will be aired on Wednesday, July 23 and will be available free for 72-hours.

There may be occasions during your relationship when you hurt your Honey’s feelings or she or he hurts your feelings. There may be those rare times that your beloved does or says something that shakes your trust, or you do or say something that shakes his or her trust. Those times may seem like the end of your relationship. You might fear that nothing can be said or done to repair the damage. Repairing the hurt is possible if you are both willing to work it out!

When you are hurt do you try to hurt your partner back? Do you hold a grudge? Do you reject your partner’s effort(s) to apologize and make up? Sometimes partners don’t have good tools and skills and don’t use their words effectively in emotionally charged situations.

While acting out against your partner may feel good in the moment, it really only serves to make the situation worse in the long run. Acting out creates more hurt feelings and makes it harder for both partners to work through the original hurt.

Watch Repairing Hurt Feelings: What you Need and How To Do It and learn:

  •  4 Essential agreements for genuine repair of hurt feelings
  •  5-Step process for repairing hurt feelings
  •  1 Specific tip you can start using today

Honestly, I am honored to be a part of this group of amazing top experts.

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You will learn what the Essential Agreements are for Genuine Repair of Hurt Feelings and the 5-Step Process for Repairing Hurt Feelings.

Remember, only YOU can make it happen!


Original Content by Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC
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