A colleague of mine sent this heartwarming video to me some time ago. It is fitting that, at the end of the year, we take stock of who we have been and how we have attended to the people and events in our lives that have mattered, and recommit ourselves to being and doing our best in 2014.



“…True love should be as committed and sacrificial as this. What if this video was required as pre-marriage
counseling for every young couple in the world? We think it could do some serious good.”

The good folks at www.FaithIt.com

I thank you for your faithful readership this past year and I look forward to continuing to provide posts every week that will support you to create, build and maintain the most joyful, satisfying and lasting relationships you can imagine!

The dedicated team at DrJackieBlack.com joins me and wishes you and yours a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2014.

Remember, only YOU can make it happen!


Original Content by Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC
Video used with permission
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