From time to time I receive really uplifting or especially meaningful stories and videos from my Blog readers. The video in this week’s post is one of those videos.

Read this story before you click on the video:

"The Internet can be an amazing place that gives us a unique chance to enjoy events we otherwise would never have the opportunity to experience.

Even at their young ages, the Cactus Cuties are already seasoned veterans. They have delighted audiences for years with their beautiful harmony and charismatic presence.

Our National Anthem is sung at a Texas Tech University Basketball game by five young ladies; the two on the right are six years old; the two in the middle are seven; and the one on the left is eight. The entire arena was completely silent throughout the entire song. You could hear a pin drop.

Their arrangement of "The Star-Spangled Banner" garnered five million hits on YouTube in only three months, touching hearts all over the world. While this video is almost two years old, it is timeless at the same time."

I hope you enjoy the Cactus Cuties as much as I did!

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