It’s January 2009, and I can’t believe it has been more than a year and a half since I posted a BLOG entry.

The summer of 07 was very busy finishing the final edit of Meeting Your Match:  Cracking the Code for Successful Relationships and getting it through the publishing process.

In early August the publisher sent me the "author’s copy" and by late September it was available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, our marketing program was in full swing, and one more author was born!

In early January I developed and delivered a series of six-teleclasses to coaches and small business people on developing and delivering Short Presentations, TeleClasses and Workshops.

Later in January, I finalized my plans to go to South Africa in late May for a month to deliver six on-site presentations on How to Be A Happy Couple!  Right after I arrived I was a guest on a live, one-hour morning woman’s television show.  I’ve done lots of radio over the years but it was my first time on Television.  I must say that the TV bug bit me that morning!

To my surprise, I absolutely fell in love with South Africa.  I love the country, the people, the sea, and there is no sky in the whole world like the African sky at sunrise and sunset.

At the end of the summer, I started writing the second book in the Cracking the Code series.  We are in our final edit and hope to have it published and in your hands this Summer (in North America!).  And we are just putting the final touches on the Cracking the Code Book Series web site.  Check it out when you have a moment!

The Fall was a time to try to get a handle on the uncertainty and confusion that swirled around all of us.  I noticed that the men and women I spoke with in the normal course of a couple of days were feeling stress, anxiety, and fear related to our current economic situation.  They were worried about staying in business, making their mortgage payments, and keeping their families and their future safe.  There was a lot of uncertainty and confusion about how we got to this place and worry about how we would recover – I know because I had done some worrying myself.

So I launched and facilitated a bi-weekly telephone call during which anyone who wanted to could come to the call so we could support each other to stay conscious and intentional about the choices and decisions we faced; keep our spirits up and our attitudes positive; vent our frustration and anger in a healthy and safe way; stay open to the unlimited possibilities in the present; and enliven and deepen our hope for the future.

We got through the holidays and here we are…January 2009!

I will post short, relationship-focused articles, tips and strategies pretty regularly from now on.  Please post your comments so we can start an active dialogue and make 2009 your best relationship year yet!

Remember, only YOU can make it happen!


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