Rituals and celebrations are ways to intentionally create meaningful connections with special and important events and people.  Many of us already celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and various holidays including rituals we may not even recognize as such.

I invite you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and experiment with the idea of ritual by starting with a ritual blessing yourself!

Here is an example of a ritual celebrating YOU! Dr. Barbara Ardinger created this Self-Blessing ritual. You can find the complete version of this ritual in her book A Woman’s Book of Rituals & Celebrations.

The Instructions:

Spend a few minutes gathering twelve things or representations of things (photographs or symbols) that you believe make an accurate picture of you. These things can include your daily organizer, car keys, a favorite object from your grandmother or a book you bought yesterday.

Sit in the middle of the floor and arrange the objects around you. Behind you place three things from your childhood; things passed down to you. Before you place three things new to your life; recent acquisitions, evidence of new interests. To your left place three left-brain things; things associated with numbers, logical thought, order, business, rational, logical and intellectual thought. To your right place three right-brain things; things associated with art, creativity, comfort and luxury, feelings, the religious or spiritual part of you life, beauty and nature.

If you can, distribute these evenly throughout the four quarters. Don’t worry if you cannot and your circle ends up lop-sided.

Now light a pink or green candle and set it before you. Read the following blessing or tape it beforehand and listen to it:

I bless myself
    and these things around me
    these things that make the circle of my life.
I bless myself
    and my past
For in blessing my past
    and these things that I bring from ages past
I become who I am now.
Good or bad, cheerful or painful, my past is a blessing,
    for it has formed me
    shaped me
    held me
    released me
    thrust me into the present.
I bless my past in me.

I bless myself
    and these things to my left and right.
I bless myself
    in my present
    the two halves of who I am today.
For in blessing both my intellect and my emotions
    and these things I gather into the life I live now
I recognize who I am now.
    Left and right
    rational and spiritual
    words and images
    austerity and comfort-
I bring divisions together.
My present blesses me
    for it is how I am in the world
    how I think and feel
    how I act and live.
It pulls me out of the past
    and thrusts me into the future.
I bless my life as it is today.

I bless myself
    and the things that point to what is to come.
I bless myself
    and my uncertainties, my potentialities, my future.
For in blessing what is new in my life
I move forward what I can be:
    unknown but shown
    unpredictable but mapped
    potential to be fulfilled.
My future is waiting for me
    more of who I am is waiting for me to be reborn.
I bless my life as it is now,
    every day of my life.

Sit quietly for as long as you want to, feeling the energies of the things in the circle of your life. Contemplate who you have been, who you are now, who you are becoming. Realize that you are blessed in your life, that you are a blessing to other lives.

At the end, blow out the candle, put all your things into their proper places and go on with your day.

Remember, only YOU can make it happen!


Original Content by Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC
www.DrJackieBlack.com ~ DrJackie@DrJackieBlack.com
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