It seems that there is a game of ‘Blog Tag’ going around in which bloggers share 5 things about themselves that relatively few people know, and then tag 5 other bloggers to be "IT."

I’ve been tagged by Sarah Schultz, a Certified Personal Coach and your "go-to resource" for Quarterlifers!

Thanks, Sarah!

… so here goes!

5 things about me that relatively few people know:

1. While in St. Petersburg, Russia in the winter of 2003 I became separated from my tour group at the Summer Palace of Catherine The Great. I managed to get onto the grounds (through armed guards holding cardboard signs that read "No Ticket No Entrance") and found myself in the back of the palace. I could see my group through French doors with double paned glass walking down an inside corridor. I shoved my way "in" through the EXIT in the back of the Palace where the magnificent terraced gardens and fountains were. Everyone was running after me, yelling in Russian and trying to grab an arm or a shoulder. I just kept walking faster and faster saying "I want my tour guide, I want my tour guide," It was a harrowing experience! Fortunately I didn’t wind up in Siberia!

2. My life-long dream as a child was to be an orchestra conductor. In the late 60’s, the music department of the University I was attending wouldn’t let me into the conducting class…because I was a girl.

3. When FORD launched the Mustang Mach 1, I was working in the body shop of a FORD dealership. I had never driven a "stick shift" so I couldn’t get the cars from the body shop to the paint shop. One of the wrecker drivers (we didn’t call them tow truck drivers in those days) taught me how to drive a stick shift and that was all she wrote…as they say. I loved those cars. You couldn’t pry me out of the Mach 1s!

4. Through middle school and all the way through high school I bowled in a league. I had a 180 average!

5. I have an 8 year old, 115 lb Bernese Mountain Dog named Sophie. She is my best friend and companion; and she never left my side for many months after my husband died. Everyone loves Sophie. She is smart, very sweet and thinks she is a lap dog! AND she is hand-command trained and voice-command trained. If you have a dog who weighs more than you, I’d recommend it! Everyone just thinks she is an easy-going, old girl.

Now it’s my turn to tag!

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